The Last Rhapsody

What is it that binds me in these chains?
Why am I still locked in this cage?
Why can’t I give in to the need?
Why do my old wounds still bleed?

I really think it’s over, I think I’ve moved on,
but for one last time, can we talk from dusk till dawn?
Knowing that you won’t, I still wait for you to come back.
The waning moon is fading to black!

Can I ask you just one more time?
Was leaving you behind, such a heinous crime?
Time and again, it makes me question my sanity.
Why am I, after all these years, writing this rhapsody?

So here I am, letting go of this flu..
letting go of my waterfall, such a bright blue!
But no matter what went through,
You will always be the one I look up to!


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