Just tell me once what went wrong.
I’ve been feeling so down low,
just thinking of what you did;
or at least what I perceive you went through!
You’re a bird, a brutally bruised one.
It’s been years I’ve heard your voice, can I now?
Has the wickedness of this world consumed you?
Why didn’t I protect you from what I was supposed to?

I thought we’ll live forever.
I thought that I’ll follow you around, with your angels..
I thought I’ll keep you warm through the coldest winter!
But a voice from the inside called me,
it crawled into my uncertainty.
It gave me an assurance to leave you behind,
and go underneath to sleep with my dragons!
Well, it’s too late now!

But I believe that you’re here still.
Hold me! Don’t let this storm take me!
It’s evening already, I made it through the day,
I don’t think I can ever make this night.
I am broken from the inside,
pieces of me are crying out to come out of the wrong side of this!
I’m burning from the inside, drowning in this tempest,
can you bring me back to life?

Featured Pic: from my recent trip to Rann of Kutch, Gujarat! 


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